Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Noblegarden, its fierce!  And one of my favorite WoW holidays!  I mean, because while I do like the Love is in the Air cloths and stuff, I just really like the Noblegarden things better.

It has more off-hand frilly accessories.  Like flowers to hold that put bunny ears on unsuspecting citizens.  And actual bunny ears for you to wear yourself and they aren’t hard to get because you don't really have to even go into a high level dungeon to get these things!

However it still can be a bit frustrating, because, you have to collect eggs, and where the eggs pop people tend to camp out at one spot.  And for newbies who are just learning, well, you will be pretty grumpy when the egg you were just about to pick up suddenly disappears and the culprit ran away so you can even yell at him!  Ahm, anyway, these are still more easily attained then some of the stuff at the other holidays…

I mean, I think that these dresses are well worth the effort.  But, then again, I'm a fashion maniac, so everything is worth it to meeeeeee!  Well, with a few ugly exceptions ;)

One of the best parts of this holiday, THE BUNNY EARS!  You get bunny ears to wear, you get flowers that put bunny ears on people (don't ask me how that works,) so basically bunny ears EVERYWHERE!  Run in fear!  No just kidding.  *Taps you with her magical flowers thus giving you bunny ears.)  There, now you can run.  

BUNNY EARS!  Yes, bunny ears go peeeerfectly with this dress!  Ok, so bunny ears go perfectly with just about everything.  I mean, seriously!  Ok, now the Spring Flowers are really cool, not only are they pretty and just awesome to look at, but they also PUT BUNNY EARS ON PEOPLE! 

Just think of these flowers in the hands of a gnome…   I mean, seriously, just think of the mayhem that could be caused if these got into the hands of a gnome, people everywhere would have bunny ears ALL the TIME!

Anyway, now I'll get down to business!  How do you get these!  Well, there are four places.  Actually seven because there is three for the Alliance, and four for the Horde.

The best (and just about only way) to get these things is to collect eggs!  Because they give you the chocolate (yum) to buy the stuff, yes, you buy it with chocolate.  And when you open the eggs, you have a chance of getting one of the things.  

Here are the seven places!

  • Razor Hill
  • Brill
  • Bloodhoof Village

  • Goldshire
  • Kharanos
  • Dolanaar

So basically all the newbie areas!  Not that hard for anyone to get to, so that’s nice.  And there and bunnys everywhere, sometimes when you get  an egg, bunnies come out of it!  And even better, sometimes they turn YOU into a bunny!

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